Community & Environment

Economic Benefits

Southern Ionics is proud to be locating its mining operation in southeastern Georgia. We have come to appreciate the area's vast resources, the keen interest of its citizens in protecting human health and the local area environment, and the capabilities and strengths of its work force. We intend to develop available resources that will create needed jobs and revenue for the local economy. We expect to employ nearly 100 local people daily in 2 operations and contribute $40 million to the state economy annually. We intend to be a long-term and welcomed partner in this community.

Environmental Stewardship, Conservation, and Permitting

Southern Ionics is committed to the protection of human health and the environment. We take our responsibility to be a good steward of resources in and around our mining operations seriously. Our goal is to avoid and minimize environmental impacts and to quickly, safely, and thoroughly restore the areas that we disturb back to their original states. Our proprietary mine plan includes a continuous reclamation process that will begin restoring each parcel immediately after it is mined. Within 4 months of mining, each mine pit will be refilled and topsoil will be replaced. Within 8 months of mining, trees will be replanted and reclamation will be complete.

Southern Ionics has retained the services of environmental consultants who possess both the expertise and the experience to help us minimize the environmental impacts of mining. We have interacted with environmental groups in the area to address important issues. Our mine plan calls for no wetlands to be mined, recycling and re-use of all the sand processing water, and no discharge of any industrial wastewater. We have gone through a substantial permit application and review process with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and received the permits needed to construct and operate the mine in February 2013. These permits address surface mining, surface water withdrawal, ground water withdrawal, air quality, and storm water management.

We are currently working to develop a habitat conservation plan for indigo snakes that may occasionally be found at the mine site. This plan will also address gopher tortoise.

We intend to leave ZERO lasting negative impacts to the mined areas. All the land will be returned to its pre-mining state - a productive pine plantation.